The Final Countdown

Image credits to @oleksii_kh from hackernoon

About a two years ago I wrote a blogpost about how the finals week procrastination affect directly to students. But this time my last-blogpost will take different direction.

This is my last semester of college and it’s kinda sad because it’s ending. But at the same time it’s awesome because the point of college it’s not being here forever. The goal is to get knowledge and skills to survive in the outside word.

So for the Testing and Quality course I learned theory and did most of the things that I was using already at work (as unit testing and continuous integration). But I learn even more things I didn’t know that existed.

To be honest I enjoyed the flexibility the course gave me, maybe for students that spent the whole day at Tec, this approach is not very good. But for people like me that don’t want to drive at 3:30pm though traffic jams and very hot days. This course is the best option (bonus is that you can learn at your own pace).

There are some disadvantages for the course structure. The course works for students that do their assignments when they are supposed to be done (or at least not soooo far away from the deadline day). But for students they might think that not having deadlines or attendance mean vacations. which is not true. It’s important for the student to manage their own tasks. Or at least try to change their minds about not having a person behind them telling them to do work at what time.

I think this course is good for learning testing but also an awesome introduction to take control of your own time.

Image credits to Tweats