Blogging and own content

This post will not be about Software Testing and Quality, (sorry JUnit fans). Today I’ll talk about a very well written blogpost called “Blogging and me” from Ana Rodriguez (find her on twitter as @ohhelloana).

I had a Scheme exam two hours ago. So after this test I just wanted to relax myself a little bit. So I decided to read the “Blogging and me” blogpost. I started because I had to, but I finished it because it was so enjoyable to read.

Screenshot of my visual studio code

I don’t even know if I can do a post like that. Writing like two paragraphs takes me forever and it’s filled with syntax/lexical/semantical errors. But the important moral of the post is more about don’t be afraid to share your content. but please use your common sense before publishing

Boring blogging

I tend to write my blogposts thinking that someday some person will find it by mistake. Probably if he just sees a bunch of text without any styling, he will just close the page.

I believe pictures allow you to breathe in the reading and gives personality to the blogpost

And maybe I will never get to anybody besides those Malaysian bots that appear on my WordPress analytics every now and then. But as Ana Rodriguez say:

“Blogging can make memories that you own and are in control of;”

And I believe this is truth, my blog posts are just pictures of myself. Old blogposts show what I was thinking in a previous parts of my life, and may even remember periods of my life I didn’t remember.

Revisiting my first content


  • My first commit: It consisted in a line that said “Hola” (Hello). Not the greatest licensing for my code whatsoever
I’m sure I did this on the as a test, so I didn’t break anything


  • My first blog post: I tried to start a blog for myself, where I gather nice movie quotes and random thoughts that I felt I couldn’t shared in social media as Facebook. (fun fact: this blogpost is fill with love poems and corny memes from my teenage years, avoid it)
2013 seems like yesterday. But it was 6 years ago!

Maybe in the future I’ll see this blog as kinda lame as well.


  • My first tweet: I remember having a Beatlemania phase on middle school. Of course that a lot of people have heard the Strawberry Fields Forever song Kevin!!
I still believe that song is awesome


  • My first instagram post: I remember instagram logo wasn’t as colorful as today, and it wasn’t owned by Facebook, maybe in 6 years Mexico will be owned by Mark Zuckerberg.
Kevin of 2011 liked his own posts


  • My first video: I don’t even remember the email for that account. But I was a very big fan of I used to do videos and stop-motion lego animation with my sister’s camera and my dad’s laptop. I don’t even understand how I got 1.7k views for those videos. Even with my current channel I can’t pass the 30 views.
At least my anti copyright techniques were really smooth

Internet is a tool

So in the end, internet is a very extensive term. It allow us to do so many things. But it is also a place where we can express our thoughts and content. It’s incredible all what you can do. Blogging is boring if you decide to do it boring. If you hate writing, you can always go to video-blogging or podcast. There are so many alternatives ready for you to use

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