Week 2 Plan

Welcome to the team sugar‘s quality and testing blog. For the first week we will do the following tasks:

  • Write a general description about what the project is about.
  • Discuss in the team the structure of the blog posts and the logistics in there.
  • Understand the APIs to understand the limits of our project:

Meet the editors:

Samuel Osuna @osunaztech

Julia Paola @juliapaolao

Kevin Cabrera @kevintroko

Week 2 delivery

What did really happened this week?

  • We did get a general description of what the project is all about:
  • Decide who will edit the post every end of the week. This was decided inside the team. The schedules can be find in here
  • Team lead blog has been assigned to Kevin O. Cabrera
  • Important files will be stored in a Drive folder.
  • Git repository setup in Github : https://github.com/samosunaz/wa-integration
  • We got access to a SUGAR CRM instance to start working 🙂


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