Välkommen till Sverige

Finally I made the step to move on, grab a baggage, passport and…

Actually, it took me around 3 months to start working on this blog. I still believe I’m the same guy that took that plane from Guadalajara to Stockholm. But I wasn’t hoping to be a different person to be honest. The main reason behind this blog is to have record of my trip through Sweden and Europe. Pictures, videos and text to make a contrast between the Mexican life and this new country full of FIKA and bad weather.

Should I improvise this things? Should they be on spanish or in english? I would love to see them on swedish but everybody know that is never going to happen.

And it is very funny the reason why I have never finish this posts are mostly because of my laziness, I was hoping to become less lazy in Sweden. Turns out that I’m even more lazy than ever.