The Deadline

Mr. Tompkins, a ReSOE “Released to Seek Opportunities Elsewhere” is the protagonist of the Tom Demarco book about Project Management, if you are looking for a new way to learn about PM this book is perfect, it is a novel! so from the beginning of the story, you are transport into the world of a Gant Charts, SCRUM, changes and management risks.

If your english is not really good, there can be some hard words, but in these days there is nothing that google translate can’t resolve.

Some of my favorite Quotes from the book:

“Let me answer that question with a question. What’s the hardest job in management?”
“People,” Tompkins replied automatically. He knew exactly where he stood on this subject. “Getting the right people for the right job. That’s what makes the difference between a good manager and a drone” (DeMarco, T., 1997).

Metascore 88/100 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗

More info in:


DeMarco, T., (1997) The Deadline, Dorset House Publishing, New York: USA.

Here I go again 🎸

🎼 It’s such a perfect day 

You may be thinking about Whitesnake song (maybe not, should you?*),  It’s the beginning of the finals week, for almost every student in the school, today is the last day of classes, that means we have to think about our performance in the semester, It works like a new year’s eve without twelve grapes or tons of fireworks, did we make all our plans true?, did you get into the new project?, did you change the world around you? did you make all the posts and stayed active on Slack in your #TI2011 class?,



We seem to enjoy to leave everything in the end, we like to do things on unhealthy marathonic ways, just like finishing a serie in one day, going to hackathons to work all day and night, do 30 post in one day, study for a final and arrive at the school without any sleep, test the slides 3 minutes before the presentation and realize it does not work, reading a complete book in one sitting, .

Hope you are not a Peter Gibbons in this life

🎼 But I didn’t have time to do it

“You know I’m sooooo busy to go to class, I have to study” “I have a lot of outside work, school is not for me, I can learn everything from an internet tutorial”


“Finals are here, I can’t do anything but study/make a project” Even the trendy Luis Fonci’s Despacito song isn’t heard as much as these phrases on finals. But of course my horse, when they meet with their teams or friends to study,  80% of the times is wasted on chatting, complaining that they have to do a lot of work, procrastinating, eat and look for memes on Facebook/Twitter/KevintrocoWordpressSite, so maybe these phrases are just a way of saying, I did have time to do it, but I spend it on videogames/partys. I kind of describe my finals week anyways.

Don’t: Be this guy After the Finals (SO)

To be honest, I enjoy to write about different things that involves the Project Management, and avoid those posts that are just resumes of the book (literally), having 2 good posts instead of 14 Mcconnell awesome mixtape, although in the end, they are necessary to fill the blog and make it to seem full of posts, we learned from the book that the amount of time you spent on planning is truly valuable in the last phases of the project.

🎼 Inevitable things of the Finals

  • Marring the “maquinita” for a week and only eat cookies and chips since you can’t go to eat something made with love or without a wrap.
  • Have eye-bags big enough to be confused with a zombie, sponsored by those large nights of studying without sleeping.
  • Make the Tec or your foreign friend house your second home, If you are not a foreign student you will not see you’re parents, which result in the next point.
  • “This ain’t a Hotel” scold by your parents when they realize you only go to sleep or eat to your house in the lately days.
  • Going crazy because you left everything at the end, and then tell yourself you will NEVER do that again.

All these things can be avoid if you have CONTROL OF YOUR TIME, procrastination is an enemy we must face.

Remember about the estimations that Mcconnell wrote in the book, following a systematic estimation procedure is effective when they are realistic, I will read these 100 books at the end of the month is not going to be completed if you have never read more than 10 pages without sleeping in the couch. In the end GOOD LUCK IN THE FINALS! show what you can do.

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**Of course this is my opinion and it is okay if you don’t think the same, there is a lot of exceptions in students, not everybody is lazy.