All these thinks that are written in the book are a recompilation of years of software engineering, I’m not making this up, so yes… Software project is indeed a complex task, it is not like doing a ham sandwich, that is why it can be a big mess without the correct planning, lots of ISC’s hates to spend time planning, I do not mean that engineers don’t think that planning is not important, but they do think that is a waste of time of the project (mostly because they aren’t coding)t, and maybe doing a programming course homework doesn’t require a lot of planning, but even if you are pretty lucky, medium and large projects do require systematic approach.

# Planning is important! 

“Plan a serie of plannned small mistakes to avoid large mistakes”


Requirements development. Helps to identify in detail the problem that the team is trying to solve, it’s like the soul of the project (maybe) because the project is modeled around the requirements, architecture plans the correct solution to the problem in a high level specification, detailed design  Comprehensive plan of what is going to be build, all this together will made the project a solid work.


Checkpoint Review

“very early in the project the project team should have produced a user interface prototype, detailed requirements, and a detailed project plan”  This helps a lot to the stakeholders to know if they should invest on your project or yourself to see if it is actually posible to accomplish the goals. Maybe this tasks will take 10 or 20 percent of your project, but at the end of this you’ll have a planning checkpoint review(and see if cancelation is a positive decision), if you don’t have this, is not a crazy idea to think that there is a risk of FAILURE.


  • Good progress control is where the project progress is visible (true status of the project).
  • Binary milestones are the key of project progress management.
  • Even optimistic people need to prepare for the worst.
  • Quoting the book “if you don’t actively attack the risks on a software project, they will actively attack you.”




People is one of the most important parts of the project, so when developers find their work interesting they can achieve incredible work, productivity must come from possible goals,  and try to avoid to manipulate them or create noisy atmospheres (like in taller vertical). Not everything is the developer,the user is also a key in the project development, having the user to be involve in the project might save you from remaking the whole project if you ever find that the client did not even wanted what you make, Mockups can help you a lot, is better to involve the user early on in the project.

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