Rule #3 Trashing=Bad Processing

Well-defined development processes are important and necessary elements of software project survival (McConell, 1997).

McConell just said so, processes are a fundamental  in the software development, a ✌🏻good tip✌🏻 is making a schedule of the processes you’re going to do in the lifetime of the project.


Plan and fail at it, is the best way to learn to plan. At the beginning of the project you don’t know how big the project is going to be, maybe it’s going to take 5 weeks or 30 weeks, you will never know. Anyways, a good practice is to do the project in two parts, first get an idea of what you’re going to do, play around with the ideas and get a demo, in order to get approbation from the client/project owner and get a better idea of what are going to do, there is not recepe when you talk about project managing. using git is cool, if you use it in a good way, controlling the versions of your project, not by uploading everything in  a last single commit, you should better use google drive for storing in that case.


The deffiniton of working, but what you do, does not contribute to the project, if trashing is 90% of your time, then the project will not work at all, if you have a well-defined process, the software personnel can spend their work on productive stuff, and not in trashing (basically), but if you don’t have any plan, it’s going to be a hell of mistakes that will make even more mistakes that can be a critical factor in the success, processes shouldn’t be viewed as rigid steps, because when a project .



What’s wrong with that table? It’s a waste of time for a developer.captura-de-pantalla-2017-02-01-15-58-02

no advance at the beginning, it is gonna be a TOTAL FAILURE. avoid this kind of projects.



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